Vodka From Grapes

Grapes. Wine grapes to be exact. They’ve been grown for generations to produce the finest wines that this country has ever produced. What if that same quality and agricultural attention to detail was used to make not only the finest wine, but the finest spirit? That was the question posed to our master distiller, and the answer was Azeo Vodka crafted from grapes. We source grapes from the central coast of California, where the Mediterranean-like climate produces rich flavorful fruits, then we run the fermented juices through our 4-chamber tower. After we build up some low proof grape spirits we run it all through our 16-chamber tower with just enough water to allow the alcohol to be released and further leave any impurities behind. By doing it this way and making aggressive cuts, we're afforded the ability to only keep the highest standard of hearts for this vodka. 

Immediate aroma of ozone-rich air, just like the smell right before a summer rain storm, with a slight hint of cotton candy. Clean, medium body and neutral on the pallet. This vodka lives up to its name as an ultra premium option in a cocktail, straight up, or on the rocks.